Lichfield City Council Passes Motion to support Businesses as they recover from Covid-19

At a meeting of Lichfield City Council on 15th June, Councillors debated a motion, brought by the Labour party, which aimed to support the economic recovery after Covid-19.

The motion committed the Council to signing the ‘Pay in 30 Days’ pledge, which is promoted by Lichfield and Tamworth Chamber of Commerce, and to design a policy which encourages the Council to spend money in the local economy.

The full text of the motion reads:

“Given the difficulties facing local businesses due to Covid-19 and, in order to support the recovery of the local economy, this Council resolves to sign the “Pay in 30 Days” pledge, as supported by the Lichfield and Tamworth Chamber of Commerce, and similarly resolves to develop a local procurement policy to support, where possible, the business recovery in the City.”

Dave Robertson, the leader of the Labour group on the Council said “We’re happy that our motion to Council has been accepted by City Councillors. In the coming months businesses and business owners will be working hard to bounce back from the pandemic and it will be important that invoices are paid in good time so that the economy can grow. Signing the ‘Pay in 30 Days’ pledge shows that Lichfield City Council will be continuing to support this idea and the businesses who supply it. 

We’re also delighted that the Council will be working to introduce a local procurement policy in the coming months. This policy will not bind the Council’s hands when getting the best value for money but will give the Council the tools it needs to ensure that as much of its spending is used to support businesses and jobs in the local area.”

Labour’s Colin Ball was also eager to highlight the environmental benefits of the policy “This policy should help the Council meet its commitment to tackling the climate emergency. Sourcing as many of our goods and services as we can, locally will mean that these will not need to be transported across the country unnecessarily and will reduce the Council’s carbon footprint.”

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