Waste of time & quite nerve-wracking

With small businesses in particular, I more often than not pay as soon as I receive the invoice. Up until last month, we have all worked through agencies for 20+ years, so haven’t had any issues as they have always have a set period for payments, some even within one week. I did have an experience with an agency many years ago who didn’t pay that I took to the small claims court – the judge took all of 10 minutes to rule in my favour & was awarded what I was owed plus expenses & payment for time spent dealing with the issue.

This did take about 6 months to resolve and wasn’t for a very significant sum, but the time that I spent actually dealing with it was just a waste of time & quite nerve-wracking -I felt that I had to persevere with it until I received what was due as otherwise they may try to do the same thing to other small companies and it simply wasn’t right!

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